01. A Saga of Fire
02. The Death of Johnny Steel
03. Ale Abyss
04. Release the Hounds of Justice
05. Too Drunk to Die (right now)
06. Last Man Standing
07. Rubber Shaman
08. Ever Changing Birds of Time
09. Cruise Control
10. Born Again
11. Trash Pub
12. Penetrator
13. Monumental Masters of Wing Chun
14. Johnny (RIP)
15. J. Skep
16. Buffalo Trace

Set the controls for the heart of the autobahn!
Engage the cruise control on your vessel of choice, and float into a parallel dimension where everything is recorded on tape and kept in a federal vault on the astral plane.
When your four track recorder refuses to rewind, and your mind can only booze onwards, thank the god of manufacturing for Cruize Control.

Music by Bobby Breakdown & Deathrider Junior.