01. Spis dit eget ansigt
02. Emma Gad slide
03. Kulturkanon
04. Første gang gratis
05. Skaft
06. Amerikansk Champagne frokost
07. Værtinder der vimser
08. Formandsguitar
09. Kulmule
10. Owl never says no

Unbox your ears.
The owl will set you free.
Pluplusch has thrown a progressive jazz rock ensemble down the stairs in a well mannered attempt to document the rumpus, cut it up and reassemble the fragments in a feverish collection of ten sonic gateway pharmaceuticals. Ten audio experiments conducted with a considerable amount of Babel-like mirth in a laboratory where no one is in charge.
Get your dada brain out of the box and implant it in a tree, then watch it sing and prance like a dandy jazz owl saying no to no one and nothing.
Here is Pluplusch’s debut album ready to wallop your mind in all the right ways.

Performed, recorded and produced by:
Odd Bjertnes, Aske Krammer & Emil Brahe