MOD.VRATSCG LFO – Game Over Noia Expansion

1. Bacon cloud
2. I dream of nightmares for fucking fun
3. Young Master Earthquake sleeps alone tonight
4. Skin cruising on foreign bodies
5. Neanderthal sequence
6. Milk us

Mod.Vratscg LFO has summoned a paranoid expansion pack to the approaching doom. When there’s no more coins to engage in a desperate continue and the game over-sign has become the graphix of your life there is little else to do than to lose yourself in Mod.Vratscg LFO’s scatterbrained noiasphere of random compositional ramblings.
Game Over Noia Expansion delivers the right amount of angst ridden unease to get you somewhat sane through the realm of ends.
The mind is a strange palace
and it’s continuously collapsing.

Music and cover by Mod.Vratscg LFO
Mastered by KPM