1. Moldova ’82
2. Harmony Penthouse
3. Wurst Mix
4. Vandringstur
5. Suite 1
6. Portvinssvømnings
7. It would have ruined a weaker man
8. Lang og Grå
9. King Kong Soire
10. Høygaard MC
11. Messe Noir

Recorded during the summer of the jam Kosmos Solo vol. 1 consists of a broad variety of small jams in various places on Sydhavnen, 2016. There were people singing with their heads in a bucket. There were flyswatter jams and there was a suite for motorcycle, drums and tenor saxophone.
All in all good times cut together on this fine mixtape and mastered on a tascam four track tape recorder.

Mads Oxholm, Lars Høygaard, Lennart Kiel, Ida Kiil, Alex Mørch, Simon Serwin, Andrew Dorman, Emil Brahe, Aske Krammer.
Cover artwork and production by:
Aske Krammer, Emil Brahe and Andrew Dorman