1. Flugtaktion Risskov
2. Crible Crable
3. Jeg forstår ingenting, Baby
4. Oliemøllen Countdown
5. 1 procent Napalm Death
6. Dubfærge
7. To bakker syd for Ejer Bavnehøj
8. Sargasso Shortcut
9. Stegepandestereo
10. Ka’ jeg låne 2000 til i morgen?
11. Lastbil

Free jazz spasms escaping the sargasso portal.
Electric guitars eating your face. Synthesizers rebuilding your mind into a playground on a shipwreck and bass puncturing your lungs with a joyful caress before the drums come riding in on twenty wriggling eels mating with a dream.

A. Morks: Synthesizer
S. Serwin: Drums / Percussion
A. Krammer: Electric bass / Kontrabass
E. Brahe: Synthesizer / Piano / Guitar / Vox
A. Dorman: Guitar
Produced by Aske Krammer & Emil Brahe
Mastered by AK mastering
Cover by Emil Brahe
Photographies by Jesper Staffeldt