POOLMAND – Sleep will eventually starve us all and turn our famine into stardazed nights

1. Poolmand
2. The pyromaniac at the doll house
3. Dance lesson from the horny toad’s assistant
4. James T. Kirk left me this way
5. Accidentally groping the old meat in a texas swimming pool
6. A parking lot handjob and a hotdox
7. The Babel jetpack solution

Collapsing on domestic jams and foreign interference. The Kosmos Solo pool has been cleaned, stuff picked up and reassembled into a neat sonic sculpture you can place next to your own pool.
Take a dive and enjoy some jive-ass sound collage filling the empty spaces in your air conditioned recreation room.

Lennart Kiel, Mads Oxholm, Lars Høygaard, Lina Bjørnø, Nasser Badran, Peter Skjalm, Jonas Stampe, Andrew Dorman, Odd Bjertnes, Aske Krammer & Emil Brahe.
Arranged, remixed and produced by Emil Brahe. Based on a vast number of jam sessions on Sydhavnen, Århus, 2016 – 2017 recorded by Aske Krammer.
Cover by Emil Brahe