DUO RESONANTE with CARLOS WALRAVEN – People of the Night

1. Trio
2. Improbycicle
3. People of the night
4. North
5. We oui
6. Cancion de cuna
7. Obu’s silence
8. Night seas
9. First train

We are proud to present the last Duo Resonante recording session, tracked in Carlos Walraven’s studio in Mexico in 2008. Duo Resonante, Henrik Jespersen and Ko de Regt, found their unique style of improvised droney music using electro acoustic soprano saxophone and the Kenyan bass lyre. On People of the Night they have been joined by Carlos Walraven on percussion, which elevates Duo Resonante’s sublime music to new heights.

Henrik Jespersen: Electroacoustic soprano sax and EWI
Ko de Regt: Obukano
Carlos Walraven: Percussion, recording and master
Zita Díaz de León: Paint

All compositions by Jespersen, de Regt and Walraven
Recorded at: “The Intolerance Zone” Tepoztlán Morelos, Mexico 2008.