CAVES UNITE – Party Hits for Solo Instruments

1. Guitar Man
2. Funky output – Insert dollar
3. A Boogie for a Rookie
4. I am your father, do not worry
5. Bosa your dick off
6. Rita (a babe worth recalling)

Step back into your cave. Take up your favorite solo instrument. Fix yourself a margarita, or whatever floats your boat. Slide on “Party Hits for Solo Instruments” and play along ‘til you drop. Caves Unite has provided the necessary soundtrack for whichever mood you find yourself in; from boogie to bosa to a freer form, if you wish to ignore the tedious rules and shenanigans of structured music.
From our cave to your cave: Unite!!!

Backing instruments performed by
Aske Krammer & Emil Brahe
Cover design by Janina Warnk