MOD.VRATSCG LFO – Traxxxer Trax

1. Knark out 4-evah
2. Kox Seq.01 – 666 escape buttons
3. Great vulvæic void
4. The uneasy sleep of Ivan the coke fiend
5. Kox Seq.02 – Ancestors of pig molestors
6. Li’l Tony’s pizza fantastico
7. Balko at the breakdown location

Lose your mind in low frequency oscillation and random compositions. Mod.Vratscg LFO’s tunes are all produced in different tracker software, with a complete disregard for logic and close-to-zero understanding of the programs. The result is a strange and abrupt sonic jaunt, with sudden spasmodic derailings and a million dollar smile.

Music and cover by Mod.Vratscg LFO