ELBOW TRIO – Tequila Twilight

1. Tequila Twilight
2. Tromboning
3. Drumingo
4. Saxoid
5. Organ vs Cat
6. Running from Avalanches
7. The Snakes and Ladders Rulebook
8. Horn Intermezzo
9. The Last Dance of Summer
10. Live at Sp19c 1
11. Live at Sp19c 2
12. Live at Sp19c 3
13. Live at Sp19c 4

Open your best bottle of tequila and dance epileptic spasms into the twilight. Lose your mind in trombone, soprano sax, electric organ and drums playing suites for the coming sunset.

Henrik Jespersen: Soprano sax
Jens Balder: Trombone, vox
Aske Krammer: Drums, percussion
Emil Brahe: Electric organ

​Cover and production: Elbow Trio
Mastering: KPM